Watching Scott Kelby in Unpacking Dubai

For the last few months, my camera has been collecting dust. A sad, sad, sad truth that I have to admit. I love it, yet the device is acting as an expensive paperweight rather than an extension of my body. It should be at an arm’s reach from me 24/7–just like my phone is.

Instead of doing something I absolutely love, I’ve found myself making excuses as to why I’m not outside and taking pictures. Heck, why am I not inside taking pictures? The excuse list is huge and I keep stacking work and other projects onto my To-Do list to avoid photography.

Today, as I was on twitter (a great way to avoid photography if anyone out there is having a problem of taking too many photos), I saw Scott Kelby mention his webcast. I signed up on a whim and joined the live stream. My intention was to listen to it as I did other work. Boy, did that plan fall apart.

I couldn’t stop watching and am so glad I came across that tweet. It was an extremely inspiring webcast and the entire team gave so many great little tips to improve my craft. There is too much beauty in this world to not capture it.

My Top Excuses:

  1. My Camera gear sucks
  2. I don’t have anything interesting to capture
  3. Why is the weather so bad?
  4. Work (or family)
  5. There are a million photographers out there, why be lost in that sea?

Do you ever find yourself making excuses? What are they?